How Much Would Dogecoin Have To Go Up To Double Its Price?

I don’t know the answer either. It also depends on whether a competitor comes along and takes a lot of volume from it. Right now, the only major competitors for DOGE are PIVX and ZCASH.

A lot of people have been commenting that just because MS is shady in some ways that doesn’t mean their business model is going to go away. Yeah, I’m sure MS is less transparent with his money than Warren Buffet, but nobody’s buying MS stock expecting him to reveal all his income taxes when he reports them every year or anything like that.

In terms of competition from other coins, my guess is that if DOgecoin fails at its mission in any significant way then there will be a lot more forks in another direction – maybe with a concave graph? No one knows for sure though because there isn’t much information out there about how it works right now …. perhaps whomever owns all the cards can find out? They could research into this question very deeply! Yaaaawwwwnnnn!