How Old Do U Have To Be To Buy Crypto?

With the launch of last week, we’ve got a ton of fresh questions and also to answer your old ones:

It’s no secret that there is a lot of misinformation about cryptocurrencies and what it can be used for. Below are some things people commonly ask us: “What does Cryptocurrency actually mean?” Well, as Wikipedia has defined it; Cryptocurrency is “a digital asset designed to work as a medium for secure digital transactions, to operate as a unit of exchange within a decentralized peer-to-peer economy, and to cultivate and verify accounts and identity documents without relying on third party intermediaries such as banks.” For example; Crypto has been coined by Vitalik Buterin (founder/creator) who put together the first ever whitepaper in 2014 which features his initial insights into the concept behind it called ‘Ethereum‘ which would later on go on to become what everyone knows today as Ethereum. So how do I buy Crypto? How do I use Crypto? And why should I have an account with someone i trust before i buy anything? Without further ado here are some important FAQs you want answered by any reliable source out there! Q1A – Where can someone buy or sell Cryptocurrencies using fiat currency online where they don’t have to rely on trusting anyone else but themselves? A1 – We all know about Coinbase being an easy method