How Old Do You Have To Be To Buy Bitcoin?

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Bitcoin price tanked in December, falling nearly 25 percent to less than $14,000 in the last week of the year after it continued its meteoric ascent in the previous three months.. After surging past the $19,000 threshold earlier this year, it has slumped back below that level,. The rise of high-speed trading bots has driven volume at U.S.-based exchanges including Cboe Global Markets Inc and Nasdaq Inc down 70 percent since 2013. Only about 6 percent of all trades are executed through humans..

So if you’re not John McAfee or one of these other folks who put millions or millions into their own ICOs (initial coin offerings) to promote their projects, you would only be able to participate if somebody were willing to sell you tokens for $10 each.. In a quiet auction Friday morning trade between New York time and closing before markets opened on Jan. 7 values jumped from around TW$ 1 billion TW$ 100 million ($30) up from about 11 cents per token early Friday morning[…] Read more at Forbes: