How Old Do You Have To Be To Buy Crypto?

I’m confused.

A: I think that the total market cap of all cryptocurrencies is somewhere around 138 billion dollars; excluding fiat, altcoin markets are minuscule. This means there are literally ~0.5% of people who can make more than $100 000 on paper by buying and holding (this assumes they don’t buy or sell). It also means ~99.5% of people don’t even know about the existence of this market at all because there isn’t nearly enough volume to support any coverage of it outside of some very obscure techie sites like cryptocoinnews, cointelegraph or geekwire (there may be others but not many). In other words, crypto is still a pretty secretive concept unless you want to pay someone big bucks to share their knowledge with you which most people won’t do if they have no reason to believe it will work. The level & spread between low/mid/high cap cryptos varies widely from less than 5 cents in XRP cases to over a dollar in ETH cases so this would require people truly diversified across a broad range of coins and technologies instead o one specific type in order for them to see actual money being made since everyone else isn’t seeing anything except dumb luck in gambling scenarios. There really isn’t much point in trading if your odds aren’t better that winning the lottery then investing in traditional stocks..