How T O Cash Your Iotas With Binance?

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Binance / How To Trade On Binance Coin Exchange?! 2017-06-06 05:02:46 So Ive been an avid supporter of crypto so far but only recently got into trading on digital assets and Binance exchanges was/is my favourite online exchange today with prices low and fast payments. However the best thing about the exchange is that you can trade for many different coins such as Bitcoin (btc), Litecoin (ltc), Tether (usdt), Ethereum (etc…) but one of the most interesting ones that really gets me excited is the new coin called “FUN” also known as FUNCoin which stands for Forked from NEM InfoTech. The going rate for a single FUN token is 40 funs which converts to around 2 cents or 0.0002 BTC per FUN…excellent! In general you get 1% fee when depositing your fund on MNB tokens effectively scaring off potential investors since its not even enough to cover cross fees from the network transactions of sending/receiving cryptocurrency across another network..making this a big negative point..but who knows?? Hopefully more information will come soon since its kinda difficult to follow once there are no set rules or numbers showing profits!! Eh…maybe some people just enjoy being greedy haha! Enjoy folks 🙂 what do you think? share your