How To Add Xrp App On Nano Ledger S?

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How to sync multiple ledger Nano apps on Android Phone?

I’m trying to download and install several nano ledger apps and cannot figure out how to do so.. any help would be greatly appreciated. I have one app downloaded, I also downloaded two more but can’t get them to open as they keep showing as “unavailable…”I need some quick-assistance with this as I am heading back out of town in a few hours! Thank you!! — message from user 5882037 — Hello, I’ve successfully installed the “Nano App” on my snap snap phone (Xiaomi Redmi 4S)… it works perfectly fine, and let me use the app fully (although it does not show up on my device’s home screen). One thing though; when installing the app; do not try dragging & dropping the .apk file directly into your SD card; instead copy it somewhere else like your PC or another phone before transferring it – don’t know why but that seemed to want each time… After copying the .apk file go ahead and transfer it over th eSD card of course 🙂 If th … read more