How To Adjust The Moving Average On Binance?

You can adjust the period for your Moving Average. I’d set it at at least 20 periods. Unless you want to invest into live trading, then drop the period down to 10 or even 5 as that is where most of the noise lies.

What causes a spike in binance coin price?

A spike happens when a major news comes out concerning cryptocurrency market and it immediately moves the markets based on its implications for central banks and governments worldwide. This also acts as a support for a brief time frame since it settles down to the pre-announcement level before going back up again. The news is typically related to either regulation or liquidity/demand issues that affect how much interest people have in trading digital currencies at that point of time. It could also be something darker like if hackers steal millions worth of cryptos from an exchange this may cause panic selling which serves as a support line once again until people have had enough to check it out but by then their coins are already dumped on exchanges so there is no way they can get them back or any other measure being taken by the exchange. Popular topics include: Idrissa Diomande collapse, Mt Gox insolvency, European Central Bank guidance regarding virtual currencies and now Venezuela having to devalue its currency after putting hyperinflation through hyperactivity similar to what China has been dealing with now using crypto-currencies as method of payment because their own fiat notes are no longer circulating anymore due just as inflation