How To Avoid Us Taxes On Crypto Binance?

(refunds, refusal of delivery etc.)

6/30/2017 1:27:55 AM – francescogu-xr19344549

Hi. I have an account on binance where I sell coins to fiat. I only change the amount of money in my account or reserve for buy orders by cash out or withdraw to my bank account.

I believe that this is not right, because it means that the fees are paid by me and are deducted from my deposit bitcoin to Coinbase? Or they are deducted from the payment under fiat for cryptocurrency exchange between your wallet and Coinbase?

I would like to know what do you think about this problem? Thank you so much! Reply Delete
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6/30/2017 4:58:43 PM – nicoolala-nz14953939

i think if i pay tax then bye bye crypto because all btc i use will be taxed . 🙁 Reply Delete