How To Buy An Alt Coin On Binance?

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NewbieActivity: 56Merit: 0 Re: [ANN][MCO] Monero – Anonymous Currency Based on Ring Signatures May 20, 2014, 11:56:50 AM #2791 Quote from: ramseur on May 19, 2014, 02:39:37 PM How to buy an alt coin on binance?How much will I make if I invest in MCO and hold for a year?What’s the difference between mining and trading like in this Advantages and Disadvantages guide.Is there any way to know how many coins the pool produces over time?I made up $1k but it goes straight back into buying more.Hi guys , I’m new hereBut many thanks to all who contribute your knowledgeCan anyone tell me anything about adding another address ? Are you also having problems with payments ? Are there any plans for an android app soon ? Is there any news concerning XMR support at exchanges?Thanks !What is a recommended hardware/software setup to mine monero and bitcoin with equal profitability and low electricity usage ?Any advice or tips would be very much appreciated.Where do i get free credit at mco exchange orhow can i add credit?Do you recommend that people set up automatic payment or should they send manually from their wallets every monthI have been reading that some other