How To Buy And Sell Ripple Xrp Stock?

One day you will wish for a gold rush.

I saw it coming from the start, this windmill of money creation that’s gonna crash its trading vehicles into a tree.

Oh and btw I’m lucky to have been able to support Ripple over all these years… XRP…. Ripple Labs is made up of several very large corporations working together…It has NOTHING TO DO WITH ANYONE ON THIS THREAD. When a company makes an IPO or goes public they call everyone who worked there or invested with them “shareholders” even though you only own a fraction of one share now.When those companies go out of business you lose your investment, equity in those companies didn’t just magically become worthless though as those shares can be sold for cash many times over if the company folds.You’re not investing in banks nor intl money transmitters nor anything like that at Ripple Labs, what you do have options on is the XRP digital asset which currently trades for $2-$3 USD per coin and is held by whoever participated in their $55 million IPO (the biggest so far) about 3 months ago today: This also gives them voting rights, but that’s beside the point,. It would be something unintuitively similar to owning stock in Microsoft.. except instead you own 50%+ risk free (so called special purpose vehicle) bonds with potential upside oh and