How To Buy Bitcoin In New York?

So you want to buy Bitcoin in the USA? Good luck. You’ll need it. As you can see the US dollar is the dominant system of exchange for crypto-currencies, so there are quite a few hoops you’ll have to jump through in order to get your hands on some BTC, ethereum or litecoin. The simplest way to get bitcoins is to create an account with one of several exchanges that will allow you to put together a short purchase (of say $500 USD), and after depositing at least $200 you can withdraw any amount up to 100 bitcoins* [1]. Simple right? Not really if your country of residence doesn’t recognize bitcoin as legal tender [2], and not if your bank and provider won’t let you deposit their money into a new account that contains some form of digital wallet like Coinbase [3]. So, lots crap ahead right? Well fear not! There is another option: convert cash into “digital goods” called gift cards at Amazon [4] — but we hope someone smarter than us came up with this brilliant plan before we did. If so please contact us immediately! Ok only kidding.. Or was it? Anyway good luck fellow pioneers! *Your order may be less than 100 bitcoins automatically converted from dollars by Stripe/Coinbase who charge 10% for using credit card processing fees and 5% for conversion settlement fees .

How To Buy Bitcoins With Cash Instantly