How To Buy Bnb Coin With Bitcoin On Binance?

Have you ever wondered how to buy bnb coin with bitcoin on binance? Where can you learn it? Is this matter difficult to understand? Or what is the common rule of buying or selling bnb coins? For obtaining or reselling bnb coins, do you know where to find them for sale. This article will make things clear for beginners.

Binance Coin (BNB) is an altcoin that operates using Binance Platform, which was established by its Chinese Chief Executive Officer Zhao Changpeng in July 2017. The platform provides users with digital assets trading services and cryptocurrency market information that forms one integrated platform. It also offers blockchain asset management solutions through “Coin Listing Fees” and “Reward Pool” based on user volume of each 24-hour period prior to transaction. Basically speaking, BNB token has three functions: wallet storage service, proxy function, and smart contract rights purchase payment fee distribution system.

How To Buy BNB Coin With Bitcoin On Binance?

If you are interested in buying BNB coin then the first thing that must be done is finding a wallet address provided by binance exchange after installing their official mobile apps named as “Gonano” for Android smartphones/tablet devices(iOS mobile applications are yet to be released.) Then trade your USDT or BTC or ETH against BNB tokens via the exchange site specially for this purpose). Before doing so, keep in mind well