How To Buy Coins On Binance With Us Dollars?

Just use PayPal or Credit card. You can transfer any currency to your Binance account and convert it directly to Bitcoin via the payment gateway (Credit Card). Easy & Secure!

3) Buy BTC/ALTC coin with US Dollars at Coinbase (or other exchanges) which you already own.

Pls sign up for Coinbase and then buy Bitcoin or Ethereum in one of your supported countries:

1. Sign in and go to their website ( Select ‘Sign up’ — — — — — — — — Arrow down bottom right side Click next arrow, put your email address and password Then setup a strong password Enter the confirmation code you receive when you click create password Option button Next arrow Option Button, register an account Make sure that this is ok by reviewing the disclaimer emails you will be sent Some people have issues setting up because they choose American Express but if so, please contact support before continuing through step 3 Binance already does this for us! 🤗 Once successfully registered, you will get started with buying cryptocurrency using fiat currency like USD or EUR 2.) Deposit fiat currency into your Coinbase Account This must be done manually —– —– —— If you ever lose access if balance on Coinbase we can no longer help unfortunately! Step three has been verified opens new window | Previous window Coinbitz │ ✅ → exchange opened 19th Feb 2018 #Coinbase