How To Buy Crypto Without An Exchange?

In cryptocurrency, you can buy online from a wide range of exchanges. In the previous sections, we have described how to purchase Bitcoin and Ethereum through an exchange that has been integrated into your browser or installed on your phone (and how to protect yourself against hacks with digital wallets).

From there, it is possible to trade these currencies with other users who are interested in buying or selling them—no more complicated than placing an order on Amazon! Here is an overview of the most popular exchanges that allow you to do this directly without setting up accounts (most will require you to submit photo identification):

Coinbase: This service allows its clients to make purchases by credit card and bank transfer. However (!), it also requires verification for all accounts before the money can be spent. You will need to provide personal information such as name, address, date of birth, etc., which could cost you some time if there’s a problem with the card used for the withdrawal. For example, if Coinbase finds out that someone uses stolen credit cards or is trying to use multiple cards per single request, then they may temporarily suspend their account until they fix this problem. All in all, I don’t suggest using Coinbase unless you’re ready for complex verification procedures. Once logged in with your credentials, select “Buy/Sell bitcoin” and click “Continue…” beneath where it says “Look at Available Countries & Currency Options…” Scroll