How To Buy Ripple On Crypto Com?

If you want to buy XRP with your credit, debit card or bank transfer please click here. Once you have finished your purchase, we’ll ask you to confirm by sending a small amount of Ether to our smart contract address. This is because when we issue an invoice from our smart contract, it will require a small deposit of Ether in order to create a locked account in the Ethereum blockchain in order for us to release payment.

Once this happens and payment has been credited into the locked account held by the smart contract, you should see it reflected under “Purchases” tab on You can login to our dashboard at any point after this step and check your balance under “My Digital Assets” tab. If there are issues please contact Support or drop us an email at [email protected]. Please do not open support tickets if you have already done so earlier today as all responses will be readded into reviews once a window of 30 days closed out from before reviews were made public – reviews that currently apply only_activenate(11). To view reviews, click “View review form”.

The official Ripple gateway! Only use Cryptobridge for Ripple transfers. Bitstamp is NOT supported! website;;;;;; ;;; We’re still working on new features like instant exchange & KYC verification procedures (and some old ones like deposits). We hope they’ll be