How To Buy Xrp In New York Invstopedia?

how to buy xrp in new york invstopedia

R3 had been cooperating with a member of the zerocash team, who has only been identified as “Serg.” In response to an inquiry from CoinDesk, R3 confirmed this statement and shared a picture of Serg at their fintech meetup in Amsterdam on Wednesday. It is not clear whether Serg was involved in Zerocash’s inception or how closely he maintains contact with the team these days.R3’s co-founder and CEO David Rutter told CoinDesk that Serg was “one of the earliest members of the research group at R3,” though he declined to comment further upon his identity or involvement on Zerocash specifically.R3 did not announce any additional details regarding its partnership with XRP on Wednesday. In a followup email on Thursday morning however, Rutter wrote:In light of this news from yesterday, we reached out again today to get more clarification from R3 about XRP support via its blockchain platform . Abigail Johnson , chairperson for Fidelity Investments – one of the founding investors behindR3 – also sat down with CNBC for an interview yesterday where she hinted similarly at support for digital assets by her company.(See Screenshot below.)Additionally, Reuters relayed part of what was likely an investor Q&A session between two unnamed participants during The Hartford Seminar conference held last week in Chicago