How To Buy Xrp On Gatehub With Btc?

No, but you can sell it on GateHub. There are set limits on the amount of XRP per week (or day) that you can buy or sell XRP. However, it is your responsibility to make sure that there is no issues with your account before making any transactions.

How do I store my XRP?

You can store your XRP in one of three ways:

You may hold your Ripple (XRP) balance for future use like retirement savings or business payment solutions You may hold your Ripple (XRP) as long-term cryptocurrency assets like Ethereum and Bitcoin You may convert some portion of the Ripple (XRP) balance to an alternative digital currency through a service provider such as Coinbase

NOTE : The biggest factor influencing whether or not people want to buy XRP will be its price relative to other cryptocurrencies. Additionally, value fluctuation makes people hesitant about purchasing smaller quantities of assets like coins/tokens with lower volumes than the bigger ones. So it might not be easy for newbies at first glance to figure out how they can gain more control over their investment with xrp….