How To Buy Xrp With Coinbase And Chagelly?

where can I buy xrp with credit card?

Local Trading PlatformsLocal trading platforms, also known as Local Trading Places or LTPs, are a type of exchange that facilitates the flow of currency between buyers and sellers. They provide a channel for people to trade directly without going through an intermediary such as a bank or broker – which is commonly the case when buying Bitcoin on an exchange – and often have some type of fee structure in addition to the spread. In some cases, these fees may be somewhat lower than those charged by exchanges or other third-party brokers. The most well-known Local Trading Places are Bittylicious[43] and BitBargain[44].In order to keep your coins safe from hackers apart from storing them securely in cold storage using a Ledger Nano S hardware wallet is another great solution especially for newbies since they’re cheap at only $65 but you must trust it because if your ledger gets stolen you will never get your coins back! So my vote goes for this hardware wallet which I do currently recommend as it’s got amazing reviews!