How To Calculate Binance History Profit And Loss?

You can also see the hype of this idea on Reddit and FOMO had spread to some other altcoin holders too. This is not a secret that binance added some new coins on January 11, 2018 at 10:50pm UTC only! There was a reddit thread where someone asked about buying monero (XMR) with bitcoin (BTC). I already wrote news in my previous post about ANON, even though it is quite unprofitable coin for day traders or potential investors. So community decided to create Ethereum wallet named MyEtherWallet and after few days they created their own ‘official’ version of EtherDelta exchange. But still etherdelta is the place where you can buy all major altcoins for BTC – this time it’s much faster than before! You should use one last ETH address for receiving payment to avoid double-spending cases. As soon as any significant price movements occurred in either direction, pumpers would start spamming media outlets with stories pointing at each other’s lack of credibility. Get $10 free when you deposit $100 or more! On July 31st 2017 ETH reached its all time high value of It now totals over 80% market dominance versus both EOS and TRON which together hold less than 30% market share XRP has now risen by 2 million percent since January 1st 2017 Ripple has increased 431% against bitcoin Reddcoin ‐ The revolutionary social currency ‐ RDD reaches 1 billion USD market cap The game theory game