How To Calculate Crypto To Crypto Tax?

in some countries taxation policies are very stringent and some such as Japan often tax both incoming and outgoing trades. But in most (probably all) other more liberal economies the simple turnover is taxed at source, whereby the recipient pays tax on any funds they received from you. taxes on profits will be paid over to another authority who then taxes the REFUNDED amount back to your bank account (whilst potentially taxing your investment gains). After that (and assuming all goes well…) there won’t be any additional taxes payable by either of us, so we can pay each other directly! How this works depends entirely upon where we live though. You can consult this guide for more details: Let’s say that we’re both UK residents and we bought $100 worth of Bitcoin monthly for a year…. If we lived in one of those countries with progressive tax rates, then after 1 month you’d owe an extra 0.4% tax on top of our initial “normal” transaction fee just because it takes longer to get into our local banks’ systems.. The rest of the year would indeed have no fees or administration costs whatsoever! HOWEVER, IF YOU LIVE IN A SMALL CITY WITH ONE BANK WELL KNOWN TO YOUR LOCAL MONEY MANAGER THEN YOU MAY NEED TO ADDRESS THIS PROB