How To Cash Out From Crypto Com?

You can’t even buy a cup of coffee with your bitcoin. Cashing out is really complicated because you need to still have some bitcoins left on your account. I had more than 40 BTC left but needed to cash it out not so long ago because my wallet was almost empty. VISA wasn’t an option at the time, only MasterCard worked for me, which is why I sold them later on.

I didn’t know how much I could do with that amount anyway anyway, mostly because of the transaction fee cost which made it very hard if not impossible for me to switch between different exchanges several times a day. So, I decided to sell again last week, again this time through Cryptopia exchange and make some money by making some profit without doing all the work myself! The same thing happened before when I first started investing in cryptocurrency about six years ago. It took me nearly two years to learn how everything works and what we really need from all those tools we use every single day – computers – and discovered that cryptocurrencies are indeed real – or rather – they will be real soon enough! This has been building up inside me since many years now and finally it got too much and now, well… here we go! 😀