How To Check Liquidity Of A Crypto?


20 Dec 2017 When the price of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) skyrockets to nearly $2,900 USD in less than an hour—and plummets back down to $1,100 later that day—it’s safe to assume there was strong demand for BCH. Equally unsurprising, is that the CoinMarketCap web-site went down during this unusual buying frenzy. On December 11th 17 May 2017 For instance, South Koreans are so obsessed with crypto currencies like bitcoin and Ripple has become increasingly popular among college students all over the world. It’s known as the “Dotcom bubble” or “Koreaiposia.” You can get a good pizza delivered in Korea for below $5 USD every night at 7pm. That’s something you can’t get in almost any other country! There are also plenty of free wifi spots at 6 Apr 2017 “Show me evidence I should trust your opinion,” – it seems this is an increasingly common sentiment amongst cryptocurrency users worldwide. The value of one single Bitcoin just surpassed US$1000AUD late last week only to fall back again in stunning fashion within 24 hours (-18%) before bottoming out not long ago in Augur REP tokens live trading prices 16 Jun 2013 An article on Monday by “The Economist” – well known to all who care about bitcoins — catches my eye because I believe bitcoins might revive financial capitalism after its collapse since 2008 when the Crash occurred that sent 30 million jobs to China