How To Check My Cryptocurrency Amount On Binance?

want to know how to check my cryptocurrency amount on binance? well i bought and .25 bitcoin. then i sent 1 bitcoin from my coinbase account to binance account because didn’t have the wallet for that specific amount of bitcoin, its just coincidence. now im checking if any transaction happened to my bitcoins after sending it there and the blockchain says yes, 0.009823 worth of bitcoins has been added which is equal .25 btc right? so can we assume that this is wrong cause apparently i received 1 btc since it says the whole balance goes up?

How do I receive Bitcoins How do I receive Bitcoins Unfortunately at this time there isn’t a way to automatically transfer your Bitcoin(s) from Coinbase into a single address without first doing some manual importing. If you would still like us to manually import them for you, please contact