How To Convert Crypto In Coinbase Pro?

As you know, crypto is much more than just coins. This is not a bank account. It is about an entirely different way of transferring value, where the party being paid does not have to go anywhere or fill out any forms that are now tedious and unnecessarily redundant. You can send money between users by simply tapping your phone on the other person’s cryptocurrency wallet app with no QR code required. More information about this can be found here: So far we do not know if Coinbase Pro has its own wallet feature or if it supports BCH directly (yet). There may be some work involved involved in setting up a BCH wallet on Coinbase Pro but it looks like it will be worth the effort as higher transaction fees make BCH transactions cheaper for everyone involved! The roadmap roadmap of coinbase states: “Other improvements Coming Soon: A new web platform makes buying and selling bitcoin & ether easier than ever before, including new trade functionality, feedback tools and more ways to buy and sell #DigitalCash including Bcash…” — Roadmap April 2018 Left: Current interface of BTC wallets on coinbase Right: Future user interface after June 2018 update Please let me know what you think by commenting below or join our community: Twitter: @CoinBasePro