How To Convert Crypto On Crypto Com?

The first thing you have to do is sign up for a coinbase account. You can do so by going here. After you’ve signed up, go to An email with your details will then be sent to the address that you used on Coinbase when signing up.

You will then receive an email from coinbases support team asking if it’s OK for them to send you emails at the given email address (in my case this was 5555). Click yes and wait for your emails to start rolling in (they might take a few hours). I recommend waiting until this is done before moving onto setting up Binance account 2 .

Once that’s done – head over here 2 , where I explain how to set up Binance 3 . This step also explains what wallets are used for, which ones are most secure (after all, they’re good enough for everyday use), and how different exchanges work. Click “I’m Ready” once its complete 4 .