How To Create A Crypto Token For Free?

| how to create a crypto token for free?

How do I create a smart contract on Ethereum? Stack Exchange Stack Exchange is a.Introduction. My website at will allow people to contribute and vote on potential solutions to real-world problems such as room occupancy, concierge desk, fast food ordering, payment processing, online banking etc… Many can relate with some of these problem spaces – it’s time to make your voice heard.My name is Jack Peng, I’m co-founder of Knowm Inc., an enterprise blockchain company in Vancouver Canada. We are developing several new products on the ERC20 platform based on Ethereum 2.0 White paper draft written by Vitalik Buterin in 2014 named ‘becoming the operating system of next generation smart contracts’. Is there any way that I can save my coding into ‘My Product’ or ‘Discussions only’? Thank you! How do I generate acampaign code for token creation without putting entire team work ?