How To Deposit Crypto Com To Bank Account?

Lets get started with what you need to have prior to starting your journey how you can deposit cryptocurrency into your favorite Exchange of your choice.

1. An E-Wallet (CoinBase,Binance, Bittrex, etc……) – It is recommended for storing funds in the exchange when you want to spend or transfer them later on. You cannot send or receive altcoins directly through an e-Wallet it requires you put funds in the e-wallet before moving them anywhere else.

2.A Wallet (MyEtherWallet, etc…) – A wallet let’s you access and hold your Ethereum in an encrypted digital space making it more secure than any other wallet there is currently in existance at the moment that will be simpler which I’ll talk about below in image 8 but picture this as not only letting you store ETH but all of the different ERC20 tokens created for use on www.myetherwallet .io & www.myethereumwalletapp .com wallets are available there! Which includes EOS, steem coin(registrations), zencash(registrations), monero( registrations), xlm/monaeureticos …etc… This means no matter how many exchanges you hold bitcoin , litecoin , etherium , know where they are stored which will then allow easy access to each coin everywhere! Lets begin with downloading a myetherwallet app from their website