How To Deposit Funds On Crypto Com?

You can deposit cryptocurrencies by sending funds to your Crypto deposits address. Send any amount of your supported cryptocurrency to your Crypto deposit address, and wait for it to be confirmed in the next 24 hours (you might even get an email with information on how long it will take). If you make a mistake or want to withdraw the fund, go here: How do I withdraw my funds?

Where can I buy/sell/trade CryptoCurrency? How can I convert cryptocurrency into Fiat currency (USD, EUR)? Which payment methods accept payments in fiat currency? You can deposit cryptocurrencies directly into your account at Kuna. You will then be able to exchange them for other currencies in our shopping platform. We currently accept payments through Credit Card / debit card coupled with SWIFT transfer initiated via TransCrypt or Cryptocompare API. For others options – click here

Why does Raccoon have so many fees?! One staff member has asked me this question several times since launching Raccoon Exchange, so here are some answers that should solve the issue right away! Kuna buys crypto from crypto exchanges at market price without asking us what rate they want. This means that we pay transaction fees on top of the existing fee structure of any crypto exchange being used! These transaction fees are deducted from our own profits, not yours! A few examples of these transactions fees would be CoinMarketCap or Poloniex commissions which are built into their fee structure – this is NOT something you pay