How To Determine The Price Ripple Was Purchased At In Binance?

There are three relevant pairs you can view, notably xrb-usdt (XRBTUSD), rbtc-usdt (XRBBTCUSD), and xmr-usdt (XMRUSD). Only one of them is directly related to the price ripple was purchased at. XRMBTC has an average daily trade volume of $30 million, whereas XRBTUSD has an average daily trade volume of $28 million. The most important thing about these statistics is that most investors prefer to send money into exchanges like binance with lower transaction fees if possible. From this point on it’s clear which pair charted had the highest amount of transactions on it. If you have enough funds in your binance wallet you can buy another Ripple token(or tokens) or even more depending on how much they’re worth. If not, don’t worry because there are plenty of other exchanges running low transaction fees promotions for some time now. I definitely recommend Poloniex as their support team are currently very helpful!