How To Do You Transfer Btc From Dgax To Binance?

i would like to know how do you transfer btc from dgax to binance?

To get money out, go to the Deposits section and look for Binance Coins. Click Deposit and enter your deposit address in order to get your coins in a wallet address. Go to Exchange. Click on BTC >> BTC Markets >> DGAX Market >> Sell DGAX by clicking on it there you will be able to see Bid/Ask spread in USD in which you will need to set a limit sell price x1.25 at times when it is very low due writing this review I could find no other way but flagging it because im not an expert little tip when looking at both charts, if you want something or scenario that may happen after its been written either scroll down or hold up mouse pointer over chart until everything under market has disappeared buy one bitcoin stock