How To Do You Transfer Btc To Binance?



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Hero MemberActivity: 756 Re: ****** Best OTC Trading Service ******* March 10, 2016, 05:55:25 PM #5 Quote from: Binanciunas on March 10, 2016, 02:45:34 AM What exchange makes the best offer to trade with fiat without using a bank account? I read somewhere that Gemini or Kraken can be used as a convenient way to do this. Or is there another way that people use instead of those two? If someone knows please help me because I don’t have time to do all those research since now i’m really focused on trading bitcoin for fiat and not knowing how much money i need to accumulate first in order to start making some sort of profit. Previously i was doing arbitrage between BTC exchanges but as the volatile price grew the difficulty became huge (due to fluctuating prices) so my profit was small thus i decided stop until new methods for making big profits are discovered. Info like your offer will help me make easier decisions when it comes time to quit my job and trade full-time. Thank you friend!

Gemini customer service is terrible at best unless you’re dealing with them directly (which is rare). Their fees are ridiculous compared to others including Mtgox(?). Kraken has very good support but their internal transfer fee (.005% of transaction value – which they advertise under 50 cents