How To Earn 1 Dogecoin A Seconds?



I have a windows 64 bit system and I want to sync my dogecoin walletaccount the fastest/safest way possible

what is a good bitcoin exchange? 😀

There’s no such thing as a really good bitcoin exchange – just different kinds of exchanges!The best advice I can give you about finding an exchange is this:1. You should try checking out localbitcoins first – this site allows you to trade bitcoins directly with other people in your area who are selling them for cash.You can find my post on how to use localbitcoins here:I have also posted instructions on how to get started with cashtrade here:Finally, feel free to ask me questions in another thread if you preferthe two sites are usually similar in terms of what they offer but they sometimes have slightlydifferent prices so it’s worth looking around both before committing yourselfa method that would probably work most often for US users would be through mt4 firmahttps://www.mtgox.comotohorizoni has also written some useful guides/posts on blockchain info whichmight be helpful for general information about the blockchainIf your computer doesn’t run Dogecoin Core you can still make changes to make your miner workfor Dogecoin – these instructions will allow anyone with little technical knowledgeto mine Dogecoins effectively