How To Enter A Transaction From Binance To Cointracking?

get the order id and the btg address of the wallet to where you want to send money. use your traceroute command and find out how far you need to go (use example tracepath -n 7 for tcp and example tracepath -l or example grep -A100,100 or whatever you like). then wait for that amount of time (how long do bitcoins take to arrive? no more than 10 minutes but it can be as long as a few hours). stop trading on binance (turn off your phone if not using mobile app), switch browser tab/window, clear browsing history and cookies. launch cointracking. paste what looks like this:

traceroute: 1 0 0 0 msec tx timeout: 1 msec

close all other tabs and windows and refresh your session with two>restart<3 . wait again 10 minutes before reopening binance desktop client or mobile app so that they can process new transactions from binance into your cointracking account. once opened, it should show "Your support request has been submitted". click help->accounts tab->copy control code… paste it in an email to yourself with a stronglevel password ***** make sure this is secure! don’t give away too much personal information here because cryptocurrency exchanges are infamous for stealing peoples coins even if they change their username after a while. make a note of which currency pair(