How To Exchange Bitcoin To Xrp On Binance?

I m having some issues exchanging it to bitcoin and ripple. I have around 2100 in xrp left.. I thought we could exchange them using a third party? Do we do this by ourselves or is there a service that I can use in order to exchange xrp for btc and vice versa?

If i want to send you $1000 in XRP, I will need to go through the process of selling $1000 worth of Bitcoins first. That means sending $1000 worth of BTC from myself (and finding someone else who wants bitcoins) through my wallet address. Once that transaction has gone through successfully, your XRP will be available for you to send me at any time, either manually or automatically via online auto exchanger like Kraken Recommended software: MetaMask; Recommended profile: profile type = light; recommended wallets: MyEtherWallet How much would tx went fine, but after 10 – 15 minutes , the bittrex app open along with saying about an error regarding deposits? Hope someone can help me.Hi guys Hope u all well . Im new to Crypto world . Just create an account on binancetx .com yesterday and received 1000 usdt .I m happy hearted however confused about how i should get XRP ?right now Im only holding 4500usd in my main wallet anyone konw where should i goi tried Coinbase but its unavailable log onto see if they have any better coins same problem