How To Exchange Bnb For Altcoins On Binance?

Well, first you need to sign up for an account on binance. There are other bittrex alternatives but it is recommended to use their official website i.e The next step is the deposit of your Altcoins which are available at their dashboard under “Deposit” Tab then select “BTC/ALTALTCODE” that looks like this : Debit Card > Wire transfer > Direct from Pool > Binance Pool Api For more interest visit bnb pools by clicking here here but they have a maximum limit per shift rather than one shift per day so in order to get a better rate you will have to play multiple times in a row whereas with some pools even if you logout and back in your set shift amount will not reset so I can assure you there won’t be any problems whatsoever getting good returns especially if your looking at 100% figures! I highly recommend using Binance as the platform is best when it comes to trading exchanges by providing fast deposits and withdrawals with minimal fees, also their customer service department is very friendly and helpful from what I’ve seen! Now once done with these steps check out my guide on how to buy altcoins online?