How To Exchange Litecoin For Bitcoin On Binance?


This step by step guide aims to provide you with all the information needed to determine whether it would be profitable for you to buy litecoin. This is an extremely fast and secure cryptocurrency so its great coin worth investing in 2018. As the price of bitcoin has skyrocketed, this is a good time to consider buying litecoin. The platform was launched in June 2015 by Charlie Lee, who had originally created litecoin as an incremental improvement over bitcoin. It takes slightly longer than other cryptoassets which means that there can potentially be problems with transaction confirmation times that require additional confirmations before finalizing the transaction. CoinMama currently only supports US customers, however they do allow users within Canada and Europe without any extra fees through their partner EasyDEX If you are not based in the United States then using Coinmama will incur transfer fees (currently 3%), due to expensive bank transfer charges or lack of services our recommended method for purchasing Litecoin would be CoinBase They charge 0% commissions on withdrawals but offer very low limits even for International transfers; however they do have 100 USD daily limits which should suffice for most people Paper Wallet Paper Wallets are another great option if you want to keep your newly acquired LTC safe until exchange deadlines or until weeks after purchase. Vircurex Another popular altChain exchange is available since years and runs a large scale volume trading volume on all alternative cryptocurrencies , including a wide range of tokens from different coins, such as ZCash ,