How To Exchange Litecoin To Bitcoin On Binance?

It seems like a good idea: The best way to exchange bitcoin and litecoin is to do it right now, However, we strongly recommend you choose an exchange that supports litecoins. The perfect posible approach is It’s the most trusted currency transfer platform in the United States and Europe (It has even been recognized by Forbes as one of the well known currency exchanges).Coinbase charges very low fees for money transfers within countries and between currencies. Here’s how to buy litecoin using your credit card or paypal account – Simple steps:- Open coinbase and go to “Accounts” => click on “Add Payment Method”- Choose credit card- Enter credit card information- Confirm- Click SIGN UP! If you don’t want a Coinbase account anymore after buying Litecoins, tap “cancel”. You can also cancel by going to Settings => select Store AccountsEnabled . If you’ve enabled neither option then hold out for another day or so until things pick up again.- Once you’re signed up just go back into account settings=> click on Add New Payment MethodPayPal support was added today! Now anyone can use PayPal as a payment method at all major currency exchanges such as Coinbase, GDAX,. OKEx etc.. It make make it easy for people from outside of North America who may not be able to use their credit cards for example.- After adding a payment method login via your email(not your password) through which you created your coin