How To Find Dogecoin Refund Address Dogecoin Core?


Edit: don,t know what you mean by that, dogecoin core. When I click on the attached file and save to my computer I get this:

Could anyone give me a hand in finding out why an encrypted wallet backup won’t open? This attached archive contains the private key and the contents of a Bitcoin cold storage wallet, which has been encrypted with obfs4.This is how it works when I double click on it:Doing so opens up an empty window “console” with this text in white type: -ShowConsoleMessage:”Don’t want to start this testnet node because… – /home/skulan/.bitcoincold/”When clicking ok nothing happens until I go ahead and close the console window by typingin terminalNow, of course if once more try to restore bitcoin qt or some other wallet encryption tool after doing so again there is no error message but mine says something like this:(Click for larger image)Quoting from here :So my question is how can this file be opened without overwriting files already on my computer?Is there any way around that?Any help appreciated.-Q