How To Find My Dogecoin Wallet Address?

I’m sure there are hundreds or thousands of P2Pool nodes out there, but I haven’t done any research yet.

One helpful thing here is that you can take this same location and put it into the “Find my wallet address” feature of your Dogecoin Core interface. Then you will be able to see right then and there if any change has been received at that address over the past 24 hours. It’s now about an hour after receiving the last payment for this particular mining operation, so now we can see exactly what to do with this address!For those who don’t know how the app works, essentially it presents you with all public addresses for your wallet based on your Address Book entries (people associated with your account). But you probably want to go up to Settings>Accounts>Receive Coins menu item in order to view just which addresses have actually made accepted payments into that specified wallet within recent memory.Hold downonorby long-tap if not already selected in order for dark grey text representing unlinked transactions to appear in grayed-out (unseen) mode (see image below). You can drag said transaction line(s) up to two different addresses where desired information will be available about them.- Here we can see both public keys represented through these linked transactions’ notation; one represents the sender…the other act as a “returning” receiver (they got paid). The latter key is shown surrounded by dollar signs since they were originally