How To Find The Next Pump Coin On Binance?

Binance have a web version of their trading platform for Mac/Windows, and I’ll tell you how to find the next pump coin on binance.

Go to and login using your account information which you can get from Binance’s exchange site. Search for pump coins like “ARBITRAGE!” and right click on it or Drag it and drop it onto the search box (The one asking what ticker symbol should be used) This will bring up massive amounts of info including other exchanges that list these coins, news about them etcetera. So this is how you find out when pump coins are hyped up by people who own these coins (They buy into pump coin hype because then they can sell at a higher price!) here’s how:Can we buy them?Yes we can! Firstly, best way to get started with cryptos is using an exchange such as Coinbase or Gemini but if you do not access those services directly then there are many other options available such as>CoinMama >CEX Example: Can we mine them?I can’t what hash rate does my S9 give me?And no, mining ETH only gives you 10% rewardHave any ideas for new Pump Coins?Then