How To Get A Bitcoin Wallet Address?

A bitcoin wallet is where you receive and store your bitcoins. It acts as a “digital banking” for your digital currency. And it stores the gathered processing power of everyone who has joined the network, making them all players in the decentralization process.

Step 1: Create a Bitcoin Wallet with – Always remember that it’s crucial to encrypt your wallet and back-up its backup whenever you can! You can learn more about how to create a secure Bitcoin wallet by downloading this white paper written by our Lead Developer, Pieter Wuille:

Step 2: Mycelium (Android) or GreenBits (iOS): Navigate to this link and search “GreenBits wallet”; install on your iOS device; sign up for an account; setup GreenBits as the default Bitcoin app on your iOS device; manage settings from Settings > Wallet &Send Money ; or navigate to Tools > Set As Default , then select the Greenbits option within the configuration panel (this step is important as it sets up Greenbits as your primary Bitcoin app). From there, go into Send Coins which should be at the bottom of that page under Step 4 above if this wasn’t done yet. If not check out Receive On Your Mobile Device . Great! This took only a couple minutes but was quite important since these are photos I never imagined taking without my