How To Get An Ethereum Address?

Like with bitcoin, you can start by downloading a wallet on your desktop or mobile device such as Exodus (available for both iOS and Android) to help secure your ETH. Then follow the steps below:

Enroll in Coinbase – Sign up for an account at coinbase, and buy $100 of Bitcoins (BTC). You’ll need to link a bank account that will be used to fund your first purchase of Ether (ETH) with BTC. Once you reach $100 worth of ETH, sell all but 100 dollars worth and move it into your digital wallet’s exchange wallet. Use those funds to purchase more BTC on the Binance platform. Additional exchanges such as BitBay As more decentralized currencies such as Ether exist on more exchanges than major centralized ones like Bitcoin, expect the number of options available to increase over time as well as the size of each cryptocurrency’s various various markets. For example: Right now Ethereum trades 10 times larger than Bitcoin according to CoinMarketCap — expect that disparity only to widen over time! Buy some ETH – The next step is purchasing some ether off an exchange platform using USD, GBP or EURO via wire transfer or credit card. Most platforms are subject to verification checks during which you must provide certain documents before being allowed access through withdrawal limits based on who you are—a KYC/AML process which is standard practice among most crypto platforms exchanging fiat-based assets for digital assets. Transfer between Exchange Wallets – Finally once