How To Get Into The Crypto Industry?

Many people are becoming increasingly interested in cryptocurrencies every year. However, the industry is not yet finally regulated. Plus, many investors are still completely unfamiliar with Bitcoin and other digital currencies. As a result, you can often see legions of people walking around looking for Bitcoin ATMs or trying to sell Bitcoins at various places. But how do these people get their hands on Bitcoin in the first place?

Various services have been introduced in order to provide savings accounts based on Bitcoin. For example, Coinbase currently offers four types of digital wallets: Coinbase USD Wallet for users who use American dollars; Coinbase EUR Wallet for users who use euros; Coinbase GBP Wallet for users who use British pounds; and Coinbase HKD Wallet for users who use Hong Kong dollar. It’s important to highlight that all these wallets are only available if you’re an accredited investor (either through making a minimum investment or by passing verification) since they could turn out to be counterfeit operations in case they fall under unauthorized control.