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Hero MemberActivity: 714Merit: 500 Re: [ANN][ZC] Zclassic POW/POS blocks explorer March 12, 2017, 01:00:58 AM #1348 Hi all, Block chain reorganization completed Homestead Phase 2! Now we can move forward to phase 3 and begin working on improving our coin again.

If you have any questions about Zclassic’s development feel free to send a message via bitcointalk PM messaging system – I’m ZetaZed and hang out in the IRC channel regularly when I can but unfortunately my time for that is limited right now. If you see anything that could help improve things in a positive way then please do ask me or other developers what you would like changed… We’re always open to your input when it comes to making improvements to our coin which becomes even more important when there are concerns about its long term viability as a viable method of payment given some disagreements over certain strategic decisions made in regards to coding and implementation work done during earlier phases of development efforts After spending some more time reviewing what has gone wrong with ZCL since Classic was launched back in 2015-early 2016 (initially partly due to bottleneck issues experienced while