How To Get My Money Out Of Crypto?

I think Pomp was asking the right questions. Although he does not agree that there is no compromise between financial freedom and economic democracy, I believe his reservations are valid. Pomp’s predicament reminds me of one of the most powerful forces at play inside our collective psychology: shame.

At one point in my life, I was making less money than I deserved, which leads to shame. Staying with the same “job” after it lost its kick (and finding other work) would lead to shame as well. Moving to another country would mean feeling like an indentured servant for even longer; if you let your schooling lapse or your skills atrophy, then you will be ashamed forever; and throwing money away on this “futuristic technology” is shameful too since all these shiny eyeballs seem drawn toward it like bugs drawn towards light.

I think too many people who should know better still don’t realize that they place themselves outside of society; they act as though they live in a bubble – isolated from normal human interaction – with little thought about what constitutes pertinent or meaningful social relations beyond their own self-interests. The problem is exacerbated by a misguided aesthetic which demands a focus on only a very few values – those which promote material wealth – at the expense of everything else: personal relationships, family loyalties, spirituality . . . Feelings become secondary to getting ahead in business or putting food