How To Get Reserve Xrp Back From Rippex?

There is a fee of 15% for each transfer. If you want to withdraw your XRP from Rippex, you’ll need to hold at least 50,000 XRP in total over the course of 7 days. At the end of the 7 day period, Rippex will convert your holdings into BTC or ETH and send it back to your wallet. You can then move that BTC or ETH into another exchange which supports trading what was held at Rippex, for example Coinbase (which does not support reserve/reserve-backed assets), GDAX (which does not accept US customers) or Poloniex (which accepts US customers but only if they are residents of USA). Cryptotrailer’s XRP Wallet Library now allows users to store their reserves on QTUM (, using GateHub as their gateway service for this purpose. Small amounts should be held in xmr via gatehub by this method; larger amounts can be held directly in qtum by depositing coins like golem, arkham coins etc… Storing large reserves directly within qtum offers no fees compared to other storage solutions like binance due to the fact that every withdrawal has fees associated with it anyway even though they dont seem too costly; its actually an interesting strategy because it removes much of the cost that would come into play storing coin on exchanges directly instead transferring all funds into QTUM where additional