How To Get Rid Of My Binance Account?

You can contact binance by emailing them at [email protected] to get help with your issue. Or you can call them on phone number +1 786 649 4321. If the above methods do not work for you, send them an email or call their customer service when they are open. Please let me know in comment if this helps.

I made $10,000 trading cryptocurrency? How did I do it?

First of all, congratulations! You got lucky and won big today. As always, there is no secret formula that will obviously give you success every time unless it’s completely scammy (and people who say otherwise are full of shit). So how did you achieve $10k? Did you get lucky over night overnight meanwhile sitting in some chatroom with some random person? Nope! This kind of stuff doesn’t happen instantly like that anyway so keep reading to find out it’s principles behind your success… Keep in mind these principles apply whether or not the cryptocurrency has doubled in value since then; this guide will teach us how to trade successfully regardless of price movement or even future growth! Before we jump into the details of our strategy I want to mention two key concepts:%22beginners%22 – Traders who dedicate time and energy into learning new strategies without having any prior experience ARE NOT “beginners”.. We refer to beginners as novice traders, but either way if one isn’t willing or able too put in the practice beforehand