How To Get Spotify Reimbursement Crypto Com?

Since Crypto Spotlight has stopped working, I am wondering whether anyone knows how to get reimbursement.

My last attempt was to contact Spotify via their email support team, but they told me that the only way I could get paid is by using the Tracking ID provided in your report. The trouble with getting reimbursed is that there really isn’t any evidence of what you’ve done. If someone reports $1M in streaming revenue, and you claim the same amount before posting them, it doesn’t give you much incentive to take action. It also takes several days for them to correct your report if something is wrong (and even then you’re not sure if they actually changed anything). Because of this lack of evidence, it makes it difficult for users to compare data between services. As far as I can tell there are no clear APIs or site-wide tools like Spotify’s Bandcamp marketplace where bands can sell merchandise directly off their platform without giving free rein over peoples’ music listening habits (which is why both Octopus Music and Spotify have immense power over artists). If there was a better system for reimbursing them I would definitely recommend trying out something like advertising revenue tracking which would enable users to earn money off ads on their own website… plus if royalties were included! While every platform has its pros and cons (and Octopuss Advertising API limits access via an API key), perhaps one day someone will build a service that works across all platforms natively