How To Get Started Mining Ethereum?

One of the most important steps in any Ethereum mining process is choosing quality hardware. Without quality hardware, you will not be able come anywhere near the hashrate production numbers that are touted by the more centralized companies purchasing pre-built ASIC’s for millions of dollars. As shown below, selecting a high performing but medium cost GPU based system is probably your best bet when it comes to getting started with Etheruem mining on your own PC.

Why do I have to choose between GPUs and FPGAs? ASICs are far more expensive than non-ASICs, so just because they are faster doesn’t mean they are better. The reason why many people choose an ASIC over a GPU is due to the fact that there is very low development cost associated with them whereas GPUs have much higher development costs for each model; something along the lines of $30k-$100k+ per unit depending on what features were included (which can add significant additional costs like HDMI support). For this reason, we recommend that if you want to get into mining ETH then start with a GPU or at least stay in that range before moving up to an ASIC line; anything after this could result in significantly greater hassle and reduced profitability.

Setting Up Your First Mining Rig: Choosing Your Hardware

Mining performance has increased ethereum has gone from 200MH/sec in 2010 (before GPUs existed) all the way up to 400MH/sec today, specifically for