How To Get Verified On Lvl 2 Binance?

Bitcoin Cash is very different than Bitcoin. This can be verified by its own white paper,, which outlines the differences between BCH and bitcoin including an increased block size, increased transaction capacity, etc.

How do I buy VXG?

Vechain (VET) has an exchange on Binance called VXB that uses the same fees as Binance but with lower BTCP to USD prices. Your first step is to open an account at Binance here: You can deposit with most any coin (BTC or ETH based) but you must use the BTC based pairing for now since most ICOs are using BTC as their source of funding instead of fiat currencies like USDT. This will change over time but it’s good to start this way now . Once your account is created on binance you complete some verification steps on them website before being able to move funds into it so keep that in mind if you have never used binance before.. After completing this process just select New Order -> Market -> BTC -> “Ethereum” then hit enter and fill out the form including selecting what amount of VET you want to purchase (~75% of total supply will be mined) once submitted pushing go will take a few minutes without having all funds in your account initially so don’t freak out when nothing happens for some time